Things that we need to know about Wrinkles

  • Is it true that wrinkle formation is also caused by genetics?

Yes, according to medical and scientific studies conducted, if your parents got their wrinkles at an early time, there is a big possibility that the same thing may happen to you as well.

  • Sun has been considered as one of the things essential for us to stay healthy, if that is so, why is it considered as the number one cause of having wrinkles?

Our Sun gives us certain vitamins and nutrients needed for us to survive, however, too much expose to its rays at certain hours of the day which is between 9AM to 4PM are found to be harmful to our skin. Not only does it make our skin tone darker, it also gives us premature signs of aging like the fine lines on our faces, it can even lead to skin cancer.

  • What are the different wrinkle treatments that we can choose from?

The different remedies found to be effective in removing the fine and deep lines on our faces varies according to a person’s needs and wants. Some people who are not open to the idea of putting anything on their faces other than those that are natural may go the natural or chemical-free way, others may try to use wrinkle creams which are quite a lot to choose from and the last option is undergoing procedures like injection or surgery.

  • What are the different natural ingredients proven to remove the lines in our faces?

There are a lot of different remedies that surprisingly are commonly found in the comfort of our own kitchen, some of them are egg whites, honey, milk, lemon and orange juice, cucumber, papaya and avocado. They can be used as a facial mask and can aid in the elimination of existing lines and at the same time preventing new ones from developing.

  • Is it true that facial scrub is bad for our skin?

This is definitely not true, however, too much use or using it on a daily basis is not recommended since there are oils that it removes which are vital in keeping our skin healthy and youthful.

  • Is our sleeping position adding up to the possibility of getting wrinkles?

Yes, when we usually sleep on our belly, tendency is that we scrub our face unconsciously in the pillows or blanket that we are using, giving fine lines on our faces.

  • Is it true that drinking lots of water prevents the formation of lines in our face?

Yes, keeping ourselves hydrated at all times aids in keeping our self well-moisturized. If you are not a fan of drinking lots of water because of the feeling of being bloated that it may give, you may opt to eat fruits with high water content like grapes, apple and watermelon.

  • What are the things that we need to look at when choosing the right cream?

It is a must to look at the ingredients present in the bottle of cream that you will be using. The ingredients that are deemed to be effective in treating the different signs of aging in our face are: Retinol, Collagen, Copper Peptides, Antioxidants, Kinetin, Hydroxy Acids and Tea Extracts.

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