The connection between the sun and our wrinkles

Contrary to what most people think, wrinkles are not really caused by stress. There are a lot of factors that leads to its development. One of the main reasons for the development of the lines on our face is the inability of our skin to store the protein and nutrients that it needs to stay youthful and healthy. The two most important protein needed by our skin to stay strong and elastic making it youthful and glowing are the elastin and collagen. As we age, and once our skin stops storing them that’s when our skin starts to become dry, hence, the development of fine and deep lines become evident.

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Sun and Wrinkle

There are several wrinkle treatments available out there; all we need to do is choose which among them would actually work for you. There are natural remedies where the ingredients needed are chemical-free and is the safest option that we have, another option is the use of wrinkle creams which can be bought at the over-the-counter drug stores or beauty sections of department stores, last option is undergoing surgery or through injection.

There is no exact age as to when the formation of the lines on our face will start, it can be as early as the age of 25 or as late as the age of 70, it will all depend on how we took care of our skin when we were younger. As they say, whatever abuse that we do to our skin when we will younger will definitely haunt us once we get older. It is harder to find a total cure to our wrinkles once we have it already, it can be costly, time-consuming and very frustrating, with that being said, it will be wise to start caring for our skin the soonest time so that we won’t be encountering these issues in the future. It doesn’t mean to say that you will never have them your entire life but they will help in prolonging the process.

The sun, no matter how important it is in our daily lives, has bad effect to our skin most especially when we get too exposed to it. In the earlier hours of the morning, between 6 AM to 8 AM, the Rays coming from the sun are essential to our health, it can be healthy for our skin as well, but between 9 AM to 4 PM, this is the time when it is not advisable to be exposed to the sun anymore as it can be very harmful to our skin. Not only that your skin will become darker, more prone to different signs of aging, it can even lead to skin cancer.

There are simple things that we can do to prevent these things from happening. Since being exposed to the sun is something that is inevitable, we may use sun block to our face with high SPF level, we may also use lotions with added sun screen to our body, wear wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses and use umbrella. Keeping our skin protected at those times mentioned above when the sun’s rays are not healthy anymore will definitely help in keeping our skin healthy and youthful, keeping us from worrying of those pesky lines that may appear in our skin anytime.

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