The 5 Top Reasons of Wrinkle Formation

People might be curious why sometimes wrinkles develop at such as early stage. Having wrinkles mean that you’re growing old. Sometimes it does not grow according to plan and will accelerate causing you to look old than your age. So what causes wrinkle formation?

Wrinkle Formation

Wrinkle Formation

  • The Sun and its damaging effects

According to many different researches about skin care, the sun is the major leading cause of premature aging, thus why wrinkles are formed so early. Ultraviolet rays from the sun actually expose the skin to a large        amount of radiation, drying the skin and damaging the deep parts of the skin that contains much of the skin’s elasticity. Without elasticity and moisture, the skin will dry and deep creases will occur. That’s why it’s essential to apply sun block before going outdoors. Some wrinkle creams include sun screen properties and moisturizing in one package so be sure to purchase the all-in-one products.

  • The things we call Free Radicals

Free Radicals are molecules inside our skin that are unsteady. These causes cell damage since they destroy the formation of collagen which in turn is responsible for the skin’s elasticity. Production of free radicals in the body is actually natural however if the production becomes excess, they become toxic. Researched have found out that these are produced from radiation coming from the sun or from emitting materials such as x-ray or monitor screens. The only way to combat free radicals is anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, E or C. Leading wrinkle creams and lotion contain Vitamin A is a main ingredient, while some wrinkle creams contain Coffee or tea. These are also anti-oxidants that provide temporary relief of crease formation.

  • It’s the Hormones Talking

Another research claimed that hormones causes acceleration of aging, making wrinkles develop faster. This accounts to the chronological process of aging since it constitute after effects of menopause. Menopause is the condition where a woman has decreased estrogen production therefore is not able to conceive anymore. The lack of estrogen will make the skin dry and will decrease collagen formation. Having menopause is an inevitable process that truly signals aging. We can only control the acceleration using wrinkle treatment like Face lifts or Sift tissue fillers. Topical wrinkle treatment like Tretinoin is said to effectively slow down wrinkle formation.

  • Habits and Lifestyle causes wrinkles

Habits and lifestyle also contribute to wrinkle formation and other major lifestyle illnesses. We might not notice but our frequently-used facial expressions might influence the fine lines in our forehead and eye area. Frowning, smiling, and squinting will make creases temporarily but if habitually used, it might be permanent since the usual creases will slowly lose elasticity. Lifestyle indirectly causes wrinkles when it dries the skin. These are smoking, unhealthy food intake, frequent drinking and drugs use. A good solution is lifestyle change and use of wrinkle cream that has retinol and hyaluronic acid, effective elements neutralizing the formation of skin grooves.

We can prevent premature aging by eliminating these causes. Consistency and discipline is a key factor to staying youthful and healthy. We can best prepare while we at an early stage of development.

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