How to know if a Wrinkle Cream is Effective

Going to the cosmetics boutique to find the right wrinkle cream is like going to a marketplace. There are so many products to choose from, ranging from advertised anti-wrinkle creams, lotions, to solutions or serums. The problem is that these products promise a lot of desirable effects for a price, although we, as consumers end up disappointed when the products doesn’t live up to its promise. Imagine how many dollars you have thrown away for those anti-aging solutions that aren’t effective at all. With that amount, you can actually undergo a good resurfacing wrinkle treatment or may be decent Dermabrasion wrinkle treatment.

Effective Wrinkle Cream

Effective Wrinkle Cream

Here are some tips to help you in identifying an effective wrinkle cream:

  • Don’t buy a product just because it’s a well-known brand. I heard a lot of comments that a well-known brand is expensive because it’s effective. That’s not true. The truth is, well-known brands are expensive and popular because they are marketed aggressively. There are home-made creams out there that are more effective as the branded ones since they are specially prepared for the sole reason of reducing wrinkles and not to gain income.
  •  Meticulously check for the ingredients. The effectivity of a wrinkle cream depends on the active ingredient it contains, and how much the dosage is. Before buying a product, you need to check the label for the constituents such as Vitamin A, C or E, Hyaluronic acid, Kojic Acid, Kinetin, coenzymes and Copper peptides. These are the major benefactors in reducing wrinkles, which brings us to the next tip.
  •  Effective anti-wrinkle ingredients are those that contain Anti-oxidants and Hyaluronic Acid. Anti-oxidants serve as detoxifiers since they remove stop harmful substances from damaging your skin. The potent ones are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Copper or selenium peptides.  Hyaluronic acid, although not anti-oxidant, serve a major role in wrinkle reduction since it gives back moisture to the skin. This is also used in wrinkle treatments such as wrinkle fillers.
  •  Follow the instructions. Instructions are very important to consumers since it is part of how the wrinkle cream can be more effective. There are particular wrinkle creams that specify usage at night or in the morning. There are some which warns an adverse reaction when mixed with other solutions. We need to understand that these instructions serve for a reason because there are certain chemicals that will render useless under the sun, or might react with other ingredients.
  • If you can’t find one, make one. Have I mentioned there are home-made products that are proven effective and safe against wrinkles? You have the natural ingredients in your pantry: eggs, virgin olive oil, lemon, oranges, and the list goes on. My fave, the egg white application is a particularly effective wrinkle treatment; just put it on your face for 30 minutes and you will notice firmness of your skin after.

 If you’re still not sure what’s effective than not, try and ask for a friend’s advice. Compare notes and see how they select products. Sometimes other’s experiences can prove to be as good as your own so hearing them might be worth it.

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