A woman’s dilemma: Wrinkles

One of women’s number one nightmares is having those pesky wrinkles show up on their face. This is one of the things that we have been dreading. There are several factors that affect the appearance of wrinkles in our skin, particularly the ones in our face. There is no specific age when these signs of aging will show up, it can be as early as when you are at your mid 20s or as late as when you’re already at the age of 70. It will all depend on how well we take care of our skin. For those with existing wrinkles on their face, there are different types of wrinkle treatment available for you. You just have to choose which you will think will work best. Before we go deeper into those remedies, it will be helpful for us to find out first what wrinkles are.



Wrinkles can either be fine or deep lines in our skin. The most frustrating ones are those which can be seen even if our face doesn’t have any expressions. Although it is true that it is very hard to completely erase those existing lines, there are still ways where the existing ones can be diminished or the appearance can somehow lighten up and there are also ways to prevents new lines from appearing. Too much exposure in the harmful rays of the sun without any protection is the number one cause of having those premature lines in our face. It is a necessity to keep ourselves protected from its harmful rays by using sunscreen with high level of SPF, wide-brimmed hats, umbrellas and sunglasses.

Keeping ourselves hydrated by drinking lots of water aids in keeping our skin moisturized, making it less prone to having wrinkles which often appears in dry skin. If you are the type of person who is not fond of drinking too much water, you may opt to eat fruits which have high water contents in it, some of its examples are pomelo, watermelon, apple and grapes.

Another way of moisturizing our skin is by using skin moisturizing creams. There are several types of these out in the market right now, there are even those that contains SPF for added protection from the sun and the tinted form so you can also use it as a makeup foundation.

Using of different wrinkle cream with added anti-aging properties helps in minimizing the appearance of fine and deep lines in our face. It also aids in preventing new ones from appearing. There are many over the counter creams that you can choose from, however, it is still recommended to consult your dermatologist first to make sure that you will not get any allergies from using any of the products. If you have a highly sensitive skin, you may opt to look for creams that are derived from natural ingredients, in doing so, you are saving yourself from having additional dilemmas.

Aging is something that is inevitable. This is a part of our life that we cannot just run from. At one point or another we will all go through the stage when we have to endure looking at ourselves in the mirror and staring at that image where the one staring at you has wrinkled skin, this is why the most that we can do is learn how to take care of ourselves more so that we can enjoy our youthful self longer.

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