A Guide to choosing the Right Wrinkle Treatment

Many wrinkle treatments are marketed nowadays since people are becoming more and more aggressive towards fighting signs of aging, we call wrinkles. Cosmetics or wrinkle cream among others, have the highest rate of marketability since it’s cheap, and advertised as effective. Wrinkle treatments and other operative procedures, are also becoming popular even though the worth is quite expensive.

Different beauty institutes now offer different kinds of anti-wrinkle techniques that suite your needs as well as your pocket’s limits. Here are some procedures that you need to know:

  • Tretinoin Topical Application

This is a non-invasive topical application that contains Retinol as the active ingredient. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative, more potent than low dosages contained in the general wrinkle creams in the market. This is usually prescribed by dermatologists so you are assured that it’s medically approved. The drawback is that it makes your skin very sensitive to the sun so make sure that you use sunscreen. As much as possible avoid the direct radiation for it can cause irritation and inflammation.

Right Wrinkle Treatment

Right Wrinkle Treatment

  • Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion wrinkle treatment works on the skin as a scrub, it removes the dead skin surface so new and young skin cells grow in its place. Although after the procedure, you will feel slight swelling and redness on the area, don’t worry because it will disappear after a few days.

  • Microdermabrasion

A slighter version of dermabrasion, this became highly popular in spa institutes and dermatologic clinics since it’s non invasive, cheaper and gained positive results. This technique uses vacuum to remove the debris in the surface skin, so newer skin show. You will notice the wrinkles become lighter after. The only thing is, you will need repeated treatments to make the process effective.

  • Laser Resurfacing

This one’s a little dangerous. Laser or light emitting frequency will heat the top layer of your skin so that it stimulates the growth of newer skin. That means they will fry your skin and you will be looking all red for a month. The good thing is after your skin heals, your skin will look firm and wrinkle-free. However, if you do not like to damage your skin, better stick to wrinkle creams.

  • Chemical Peel

This works the same process as Laser resurfacing since it removes the top layer of the skin. Instead of laser or heat, it makes use of chemical application to burn the skin and let it peel so a new skin surfaces. Your skin will also undergo redness and swelling during the first weeks like the laser, but the new skin will be smoother and more elastic. Some skin clinics wanted to copy this process by incorporating chemical solutions to wrinkle creams, although this process will work together with healing and moisturizing lotions so as not to aggravate the topical technique.

  • Botox

Highly effective and highly expensive, Botox has been the number one surgical procedure for those who are able to afford it. A toxin called Botulinum will be injected to your skin to relax your muscles, so that it produces a smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Effects are stunning and might actually last for months, although you need continuous injections to achieve a long lasting look. This might be pretty easy to some, but you need to weigh the risks because one wrong injection will cause major injury to your body.

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