The 5 Best Practices to prevent Wrinkles

To some, wrinkles might be the worst thing that has happened to them while others accept that wrinkles are part of the natural way of life. Fine creases that appear in initially in your forehead, surrounding your eyes and your cheeks, wrinkles cannot be treated since it is not an illness to begin with. Often, people will find ways to counter the aging process like purchasing expensive wrinkle creams or lotions; undergo wrinkle treatments like Botox; or use alternative remedies like mixing plants and herbs to produce an anti-wrinkle solution.

The truth is, there’s no need to undergo major wrinkle treatments. We can prevent wrinkles just by modifying our lifestyle. Here are the best lifestyles to help us slow down the aging process.

Prevent Wrinkles

Prevent Wrinkles

  •  Have a Regular Coffee Intake

A lifestyle that includes regular coffee is a healthy lifestyle. Coffee is a good anti-oxidant to begin with. Anti-oxidants play a major role in wrinkle reduction since it counter free radicals, substances that damage the cell and prevent collagen production. Collagen in turn, is responsible for making the skin firm and elastic. In addition, coffee is a good pick-me-up in the morning and a detoxifies to remove other chemicals in the body.

  • Supply yourself with Multivitamin Supplements

There’s a reason why doctors include supplements in our daily food intake, and that is to supply minerals that our body needs but lacks. These Multivitamins usually contain large amounts of Vitamin A, C or E which are potent anti-oxidants as well as contributors for our skin’s rejuvenation. Though vitamin A is usually the major proponent of leading wrinkle creams due to its anti-oxidizing effects, it contains lesser amounts than it takes to make the ingredient potent. That’s why cosmetics like wrinkle creams are not strictly controlled in the market.

  •  Cleanse and Condition your skin

A clean skin means health skin. Consistent skin care does not need much, only discipline. Make it a habit to clean your face and skin in the morning and before you sleep. This will let your skin breath as you remove the layers of dirt acquired during the day. Conditioning means toning and moisturizing since you lose moisture daily. Some wrinkle cream can be effective if they are used with this regimen.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercise not only conditions the body, it conditions the mind. It means working your muscles so it does not atrophy or weaken. Once your body moves and sweats, body processes actually work healthy to remove dead cells from the body and will be replaced by new skin cells. A wrinkle treatment called Dermabrasion works the same way, but costs a lot.

  •  Eat Health, Live Healthy

Healthy eating is the key to maintaining one’s youthfulness, as the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. So if you’re diet consists of many anti-oxidants then you’re sure to get rid of harmful substances in your body frequently. Make sure to have daily loads of fruits and vegetables in your plate. Fill your intake with deep-colored fruits and green leafy vegetables; soy is a good protein source to promote collagen production.

Following these five practices will make those wrinkles disappear in no time and it costs so much less than what you can spend to undergo wrinkle treatments.

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