Easy and Effective tips to be Wrinkle-free

Are you tired of putting wrinkle creams, lotions, serums and other applications to your face and not seeing any difference? Tired of buying those advertised anti-wrinkle agents that are promoted to be cheap but promises results within days? Are you short on cash for those expensive wrinkle treatments that might either beautify you temporarily or might cause side effects to your body permanently?

With the world today, marketing strategies will hype you into buying cosmetics and undergoing risky operations for a flashy amount without assurance if they may be effective for you. Don’t fret because here we will show you easy and effective tips to be wrinkle-free!



  • Tip #1: Use Sunscreen Daily

You might not know but the major benefactor that damages our skin is the sun. The sun rays contain UV radiation that penetrates deep into our skin and causes cell damage. This way, our skin loses moisture and elasticity, making our skin dry and old. It is essential for us to use sun screen daily especially in our face since it has one of the thinnest skin. Some wrinkle cream do include sunscreen properties but the best way is to avoid being directly under the sun.

  • Tip #2: Watch your expressions

You may not notice but if you make odd or funny expressions you make your face wrinkle temporarily. It might be good for pups or cats to have wrinkles, but for women it’s a disaster. Habitual frowning, over-smiling, wrinkling the nose or squinting all leads to permanents wrinkle development. Even if you put wrinkle cream on your face, the cream will just settle to creases and will not be absorbed by all. To prevent wrinkles, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your facial movement and control them. You don’t need to undergo Botox wrinkle treatment to hold your expressions uptight, you can do it all by yourself.

  • Tip #3: Avoid Polluted Air

Pollution is one of the risk factors to have dry and wrinkled skin. Dirt from polluted air lodges into your skin, blocks the pores and will instead be absorbed into the deep skin. This will cause problems since it can do damage inside the deep skin. As much has possible avoid polluted environments such as busy high ways, polluted cities, chemical manufacturing areas and garbage sites. Even if you undergo expensive wrinkle treatment like Facelift or Laser resurfacing, if you are continually exposed to pollution, you are still prone to wrinkle development.

  • Tip #4: Take Multi-vitamins daily

Aside from making your body healthy, multi-vitamins also supply you the needed anti-oxidants to get rid of the harmful chemicals that causes cell damage inside your skin. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E are the major components of most multivitamins and they are the effective antioxidants for our skin. Sometimes these vitamins are included in wrinkle creams but with lower dosages, which might need endless application to achieve desired results.

  • Tip #5: Scrub yourself daily

There’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself from comforts of massages and scrubs often. It actually has amazing effects to our body and skin since it removes dead skin cells and promotes rejuvenation. There are home scrubs in the market that you can use, or a mixture of herbs and spices can also do the trick. Wrinkle treatment called Dermabrasion works the same way, but with the danger of emptying your pocket.

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